(Details on infrared photography for railfanning are in The Black & Whitest article.

Nikon D100 converted for IR:

Palmer Lake, Joint Line

Toma Road, Joint Line

Arvada, Moffat Line

Jukes Tree, Chama, NM

C&TS freight excursion at first highway crossing outside Chama.

C&TS near Coxo.

C&TS near Coxo

C&TS near Coxo

C&TS eastbound, Cumbres Pass

C&TS westbound, Cumbres Pass

C&TS, below Tanglefoot Curve

Kodak 35mm IR film with 25A red filter:

Rio Grande Southern, Trout Lake

Georgetown Loop

Eureka Springs & North Arkansas, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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